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Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, being the largest city with the population of over 1 million. Tbilisi serves as a cultural, political and social hub of the country.

The city is rich with history featuring famous bathhouses with pools of hot, sulfur-rich water dating back to the 17th century, ancient fortress overlooking the capital and river Mtkvari, churches, including the Basilica of St Mary from the sixth century, museums and buildings of 18th and 19th century.

Tbilisi loves its guests and offers you a wide selection of entertainment. Are you into the architecture? If so, enjoy strolling through the city and explore it. Here you will find old houses with charming balconies as well as the ones built in soviet and modern styles. Tbilisi accommodates 5th century buildings standing in harmony with the modern architectural monuments. The juxtaposition between new and old in Tbilisi invites visitors and promises unforgettable scenery, no matter which style you prefer.

The city is ideal for those looking for fun and entertainment. According to Forbes, Berlin is Out and Tbilisi is In and this is probably due to numerous bars, clubs and cultural spots to have fun. The most popular places among tourists as well as locals include: Fabrika, Bauhaus Bar, Warszava and Bassiani night club named as “Tbilisi techno mecca”.

Small streets, outdoor cafes, colorful balconies and Georgian hospitality coupled with fancy restaurants, mesmerizing views and delicious food mark Georgia 4th among world’s fastest-growing tourism destinations. Georgian cuisine features flavors from Greece and the Mediterranean to Turkey and Persia. Being proud of its dishes, the city offers wide selection of European as well as Asian restaurants, hence finding your favorite is easy.  Do note that some Georgian restaurants offer the traditional Georgian dance and folk music evenings, good performances to be enjoyed with delicious Georgian food.

Tbilisi is a perfect destination for the families with children. Mtatsminda Park, Lisi Lake and Hippodrome, Turtle Lake and Ethnographic Museum will become the favorite places for your kids.

Tbilisi is the place of unforgettable memories, the city that puts a smile on your face every time you remember it.


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