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The Tuscan-looking hilltop town of Signagi (Sighnaghi) is known as the City of Love. Just 110 km away from Tbilisi this little town has amazing views overlooking picturesque Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains. The city is located on the hill with terracotta rooftops and narrow streets, cobblestone pavements, wooden decorative fretwork balconies and wine cellars all around.

The city is also known for its “Great Wall”, being one of the most important historic monuments, built in 1770s by one of the last kings of Georgia Ereklé II. The 5 km fortification consists of 23 towers and offers incredible panoramic views over the Alazani Valley with the Caucasus Ridge reigning behind it.

Signagi is well known as a spot for wine degustation. Due to the winemaking history of the region, Signagi prides itself with superb wines served generously to its guests.


Telavi is an administrative center of Kakheti region and is one of the oldest cities of Georgia, where the first archaeological findings from Telavi date back to the Bronze Age. From the 10th until the 12th century, Telavi served as the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti and later Kingdom of Kakhet-Hereti. During the so-called Golden Era of the Georgian State (12th–13th centuries), Telavi turned into one of the most important political and economic centers of the Georgian State. It is probably due to its long and interesting history and the beautiful location of this city that Telavi has its own spirit, spirit of genuineness, hospitality and friendliness, antiquity and tradition.

When in Telavi you can visit fortress Batonis Tsikhe (“Fortress of Master”) built in the 17th century – the only well-preserved medieval royal palaces in Georgia.  Nadikvari Park of Telavi was recently renovated and offers its visitors the vivacity of this old city. When walking in the streets of Telavi, one can stroll to the huge plane tree of 900 years old. And of course the wineries, Telavi is surrounded by wineries where one can savor a wide selection of traditional and European wines.


Tsinandali is a charming village 10 km from Telavi. It houses Tsinandali Estate, Italianate building, constructed by famous Georgian aristocrat, writer and public figure Alexandre Chavchavadze. Tsinandali Estate is the cradle of classical winemaking of Georgia, the place where Georgian wine was first bottled. Famous wine cellar and charming garden with labyrinth and a wish tree awaits travelers at Tsinandali.


Nekresi monastery was founded by King Pharnajom in II-I BC. In the IV AD King Thridat built a church on the place and in the VI century one of the Assyrian fathers, Abibos, settled down; since then the monastery life thrived with important cultural and educational activities. Interesting fact about Monastery is that, it is the only monastery in Georgia, where you can sacrifice pig.

Although it’s worth to say, that Bakuriani is a summer resort as well. As Bakuriani is surrounded with coniferous forest and is very good for health, especially for children.

Alaverdi monastery

Alaverdi monastery was built in the VI century, while the cathedral dates back to the XI century. On its way to Telavi, the Alaverdi cathedral is one of the tallest religious buildings in Georgia.  The monastery has beautiful surroundings and wine cellar where monks still make traditional Georgian wine.


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