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Bakhmaro is a mountain resort in Guria, where the sea merges with the mountains, the fresh air of the hills, so this resort has a great curing conditions and is regarded as one of the most popular mineral resorts in Georgia. The resort  is surrounded by the most beautiful spruce and fir-tree evergreen forests and woods. The main resort period lasts during three months of summer. The reason is the high sediment, and, unfortunately, the lack of the infrastructure. In winter it’s one can hardly reach that place, but, you can hire a ferryboat, which is in Chokhatauri, and is affordable for almost everyone. During the winter, you can also hire a snow-car. The temperature in winter is about -5°C, in Summer- moderate warm, even tepid, average temperature 14°C.  The height from the sea level is- 2050 meters. At the resort, there are typical cozy, wooden, lovely homes, which you can rent as long as you want. There are several stores here, also, little market for fruit and groceries, cafes and small parks for children. The holiday-makers of Bakhmaro have such tradition: they collect together, light up the campfire and spent the nights in singing and having fun, under the thousands of stars and bright moonlight.

If you want a pleasant calm holiday, you definitely should visit Bakhmaro.


Gomismta is a mountainous summer resort in Guria, where sea and mountain weather merges together, and has natural curing effect. It is 2100-2755 meters from the sea level. The resort is surrounded by spruce and silver-fir tree forests, is rich with mineral waters, mineral and spa climate and other natural resources. Tourist season lasts only three months of Summer, just like in Bakhmaro. The inhabitants take water from the nearby mountain’s springs. So, this is the main reason, where there is no washrooms in the cottages of Gomi Mountain. In Gomi Mountain there are typical, popular wooden cottages everywhere, just like in Bakhmaro, which you can rent. In august there is held the feast of “Gomismtoba”. People take part in sport competitions and most important, a short-course horse race.

Gomismta is known as the kingdom of the clouds and the fog, which is caused by the humid climate. The tourists usually visit this mountain for this reason. They walk to the peak of the mountain, from where picturesque views are opened in front of their eyes, sometimes it is “the sun setting in the waves of the clouds”, sometime- “sun rising from the mist”. Such beauty can’t be expressed neither by camera, nor- by words. So, you should see that masterpiece of nature with your own eyes.


Village Shekvetili is the seaside resort with magnetic sand beach and the pine-tree grove. Swimming season starts in May, when water temperature is 17 degrees, and lasts until mid-October.  Velvet magnetic sand of Shekvetili, crystal clear sea water, beaming sun and a light breeze from the sea enriched with aromas of coniferous trees create excellent conditions for quiet holidays and revival of health. It’s worth to mention, that Guria is a time-honored region of horse riding traditions.  Lanchkhuti Local History Museum is home to images portraying trip of Gurian riders to Europe and America. Main entertaining in Guria is a theme-park “Tsitsinatela”, on the territory of Shekvetili. Here people can enjoy up to 40 attractions and various entertainment centers: bowling center, carting ground, “the Hall of Distorting Mirrors”, music fountain, up to 100 amusement slot machines and others. People even from Batumi and Kobuleti used to come here to have fun.

So if you like the clean sea water, attractions and warm hearted people, you must come to Shekvetili.


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