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Gori a small city in Georgia, located at the mouth of Mtkvari and Didi Liakhvi, 588 m above sea level. Gori dates back to VII century. The oldest archaeological site in the Gori area is the ancient Bronze Age settlement, on the banks of the Mtkvari River on a place Ghambareuli.

The main attractions of Gori are the Gori Fortress on the high rocky hill in the middle of the city, the Virgin Mary’s Christmas Cathedral of XIX century, the Drama Theater, the Historical-Ethnographic Museum, and Joseph Stalin’s museum.


Among the cave-towns of Georgia Uplistsikhe is one of the popular tourist destinations in Georgia. Uplistsikhe, as Vardzia and Davit Gareji, is the evidence that yet in the ancient time there were fortified cities. Uplistsikhe is situated on the left Bank of River Mtkvari. Uplistsikhe is the place where were the ancient settlements. This cave-town looks at environs of Uplistsikhe and River Mtkvari from above, which divides the region into completely different parts. You can see different kind of halls, which point to the wealth of the city. These halls are cut along the streets. It is a fantastic experience to explore each hall. Every hall had its particular architectural design, differing from the others. In Uplistsikhe cave town you will explore the ancient wine cellars, and wine presses.

Finally, walking around the city is a good and memorable experience for you. And if you decide to travel without a guide, maybe a dog who walks in the city lonely might be your devoted guide or member of your group while walking in the city.

Although it’s worth to say, that Bakuriani is a summer resort as well. As Bakuriani is surrounded with coniferous forest and is very good for health, especially for children.


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