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Okatse Canyon

Beautiful Okatse Canyon – is located in the territories of the village of Gordi in Khoni municipality. For those who love extreme tours, there is a hanging trail which takes approximately 2-3 hours of walking.

The Okatse canyon route is very interesting for extreme lovers. It has a pedestrian route which goes through Dadiani historical forest, 780 m length hanging trail and finishes with panoramic view, where visitors can take memorable photos by Smart-Selfie Camera, installed nearby.

Okatse Canyon is perfect for nature lover travelers.

Prometheus cave

Prometheus Cave is located in Tskaltubo municipality in Imereti region. Its length is 1.8 km and is formed within the depth of 40 meters.

The Prometheus Cave is a notable beautiful natural monument of the world. It is about 60-70 million years old. This beautifully shaped karst cave with stunning strips of stalactites and stalagmites once again will convince you of the enormous power of nature and will travel you in the fairy world. In the cave are found 22 halls, from which for tourists is opened only 6. In the cave, it is possible to walk through the length of 1420 meters, see the halls and travel by boat on the river flow. In the Prometheus Cave, you will meet a lot of real masterpieces of nature – stalactites, and stalagmites, beautiful forms of it leave the impression of the fairy environment.


Kutaisi is 3rd largest city in Georgia. It is one of the oldest city in the world. Rich with history, architecture, historical and natural monuments. Here is confirmed the existence of Colchic culture from XV-XIII centuries BC. On the hills on the right bank of the river Rioni is preserved the trace of the settlement of the VIII-VII century BC.

In the 6th century, Kutaisi was the capital city of Egrisi. By the end of the VIII century, it was already the capital of the United Kingdom of Egrisi and Abkhazia. The importance of the city in the X century is increasing. Here in 978 was the throne of the United Kingdom of Georgia. King was the Bagrat III. He set up the beautiful Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi as a symbol of the unity of the country. Kutaisi remained the capital of United Georgia for 124 years.

In 1089 begins the reign of King David the Builder. In 1122, he liberated Tbilisi from foreign invaders, and the royal throne was moved there. During the time of David the builder a unique architectural monument Gelati Cathedral was founded near the city and was established a high school academy. Despite the fact of the concession to the country’s capital city, Kutaisi has never lost its place in the history of Georgia. Kutaisi is the 5th oldest city in the world.


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