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Adjara is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. It is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. Adjara’s visitors especially admire the region’s pristine and unaltered nature, and it is particularly intriguing for eco tourists. The main city of Adjara is Batumi.

Batumi is often called the “Pearl of the Black Sea.” In recent years Batumi has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia. It is the second largest city in Georgia. The beautiful beaches and cafes, located on the seashore are fascinating. Batumi is very interesting city, and offers you various places to visit.  The most visited places in Batumi are Piazza Square, Batumi Boulevard, which is located at the Black Sea coast line, Ali and Nino Statue, Alphabet tower and the ferries wheel. There is a Dolphinarium in the city which can be visited with children.

Nightlife in Batumi is very popular during the summertime. During the whole summer next to the boulevard and the seashore are the night clubs and lounges where you can chill out and have fun.

For the lovers of the gardens there is one of the beautiful and interesting destination to visit. It is Batumi Botanical Garden. It extends over 111 hectares and is one of the most fascinating places one can see.  Famous decorator and chief gardener of Batumi, D’Alphonse imported a big number of plant cultures. Later, in 1912 there were developed Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Australian, Chilean, New Zealand, American and European divisions.

To sum up, Batumi offers you everything you need for your vacation.

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